BeausicVlog: Sephora Orientation AND I GOT MY IPHONE 6 PLUS!!!

So, since I plan on doing these little “check-in” videos a bit more frequently moving forward, I figured I should give them some sort of title. I figured what better than to borrow the name of my currently-defunct second YouTube Channel, BeausicVlog, since that is, essentially, what these videos are! So, why not? This week I wanted to check in and follow up on basically the exact same things I talked about in last week’s video – my Sephora job, since I attended orientation this weekend, and my brand new iPhone 6 Plus, which I actually received last week, (in spite of Sprint saying it would be 4-6 weeks!) So, let’s talk!

So, there you have it! Also, fun fact… this is actually my 500th post on this blog! Can you imagine?! I have sat down and done this thing that I am doing right now 499 times before this one?! That’s insane! You’d think I’d make some kind of big hullabaloo about it but I think the best way to celebrate that is to simply say Thank you. Thank you to all of you who have followed the blog, the YouTube Channel and my various other forms of social media. Thank you to all of you who have wished me well on my various endeavors in life and for allowing me to share the things that I love with you all! I cannot even begin to tell you how much it has meant to me! So, here’s to 500 more! I truly do, as I’ve said 499 times before, wish you all a beautiful life!


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