BeausicVlog #3: Sephora Store Set Up (and Mini-Haul!)

So, another week and another BeausicVlog, since they appear to be becoming a weekly thing! Today’s BeausicVlog is all about my first shift merchandising the Sephora store, meeting all of our store leadership team AND a little bit of a mini-haul! So, let’s get right into it!

As mentioned in the video, the grand opening of our store and of the entire mall is happening on Thursday this week and I will be there working my first actual shift that night, which I’m feeling pretty anxious about! I’m really excited to get this whole thing started for real! I’m sure I’ll have another update all about it for you guys next week! In the meantime, though, I’ve got some pretty great videos in store for you all this week – another Halloween tutorial that is kind of out of the blue but that I am pretty excited about, as well as a tutorial for a look from a new artist who I am completely obsessed with right now! Any guesses? While you’re mulling that one over, I wish you a beautiful week ahead and a beautiful life!

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