It’s been a while since I’ve posted a CURRENT OBSESSIONS post, hasn’t it?! Yes, it has. It’s not for a lack of things to be obsessed with, God knows, but more for a lack of time to really indulge in those obsessions. One obsession that I have been cultivating throughout 2014 has been my obsession with Nick Jonas. Yes, Nick Jonas of the Jonas Brothers. Remember the Jonas Brothers?! They haven’t been a big deal in quite a long time, however Nick, (who was arguably the most talented and interesting of the bunch in the first place,) has managed a pretty major resurgence this year. He released two pretty brilliant singles earlier in the year, “Chains” and “Jealous,” which has turned out to be a pretty major hit. Just last week he released his self-titled solo album, which I can’t stop listening to! He is also one of the stars of one of my new favorite TV shows, DirecTV’s Original series “Kingdom.” All of this, plus some really interesting media decisions, is the reason why I am currently obsessed with Nick Jonas. Let’s discuss this further…

Check out Nick’s music video for “Jealous” below!

As I mentioned before, I haven’t had a ton of time lately. It’s a little difficult to manage to obsess over too many things. A couple of others on the list of current obsessions would be Taylor Swift’s “1989” album, the new self-titled record from The Veronicas, anything relating to Sam Smith, Gwen Stefani’s solo comeback, the winter-themed drinks at Starbucks and Boscia Tsubaki Beauty Oil. Many of those will likely be discussed further in future Favorites or other videos. In the meantime, though, I wish you all a beautiful rest of the week and a beautiful life.


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