boscia Makeup Break Up Cool Cleansing Oil and Detoxifying Black Cleanser Review

Today I wanted to take a moment to kind of revisit a topic I had really only discussed in detail for the first time here recently – skincare. Back in late October/early November, I posted for the first time a video discussing my evening skincare routine, featuring a bunch of products I’d been using and loving for my skincare needs. These were mostly drugstore brand products that were very affordable and seemed to work really well. Almost immediately after posting that video I received my first gratis from Sephora, which was chock full of some pretty amazing high end skincare products and my entire skincare routine was kind of revolutionized! Aside from the gratis products I received, I also picked up a few other skin care products recently from a brand I am developing a great love for, boscia. I wanted to take a moment to discuss two products from this brand that have completely changed the way I look at makeup removal and the general nature of clean skin. These products are boscia’s Makeup Break Up Cool Cleansing Oil and their Detoxifying Black Cleanser. I’ve got kind of a lot to say about these two products. Hear it all now in the video below!

As I stated in the video, I felt like it was really important to share this video about these products because I honestly believe that there are many people out there who may be just like me and not necessarily realize that their skin is not getting as clean as they think it is or who may not recognize the difference! It has honestly changed my whole perspective on the cleanliness of skin! I can’t express enough how much I recommend both of these products! Certainly everybody’s skin is different and you want to be sure to check the ingredients for any allergens but, overall, I think the formula on both of these products is pretty general and should work well for most people! I hope you guys enjoyed hearing a bit more about skincare! I also hope you will keep an eye out the rest of this week, as I have got another product review in store for something that’s definitely more colorful! Keep an eye out for that! In the meantime, though, I wish you all a beautiful rest of the week and a beautiful life!

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