My Favorite Fragrances!!!

If you have been following my blog and/or YouTube Channel over the past couple of months, one thing you can’t help but know about me is that I have been working at Sephora. I have talked about it incessantly, to the point that I assume it’s gotten annoying. If you’ve been paying closer attention, you would also have picked up that I have worked primarily in the fragrance world and have made it my mission to learn as much as I can about fragrance. So, with all that I have learned, and all that I have sampled to test wear time, dry-down scents, etc., I figured it’d be a fun idea to share some of what I’ve learned with you guys! Fragrance is a fascinating world and one that I have really found myself loving much more than I ever would have expected. I have taken home samples of several of our fragrances to test out and really get a feel for how they wear throughout the day and I thought I’d share my top five favorites with you guys, as well as a little insight into some of the others I haven’t liked as much! Check it out below!

As I mentioned before, I have really found myself loving the fragrance world and have developed a bit of a passion for fragrance that I never expected to have. It is truly a fascinating process, and I am nowhere near done experimenting with it! There may very well be a follow-up video to this in the future! In the meantime, though, I wish you all a beautiful rest of the week and a beautiful life!


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