Contouring 101

So, I had a very hectic 3-day weekend this past week – I was only scheduled one 5 hour shift at Sephora and wound up working 19 hours over the course of the weekend! It was well worth it but it definitely cut into my time for getting videos edited. The reason I start off […]

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Day-to-Night Makeup Tutorial

Today, and as one of my first posts of 2015, I wanted to do something that I can’t recall having ever done before. Of course, at this point, I have done hundreds of videos and could be forgetting something but I know that I have never done it in this way before. What I am […]

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Post Holiday Haul!!!

So, today I have got something really fun in store for you guys, I think! I am really excited to share this with you guys, honestly – it’s a haul! It’s a little bit of a different kind of haul, honestly, because this is all stuff I purchased on different occasions over the past month […]

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