Hourglass Ambient Lighting Bronzer Review & Demo

Today I am bringing you a product review straight off of Sephora’s current “Hot Now” section! For those not familiar, Hot Now is the section at the very front of the store, (the first thing you see when walking through the door, in most cases,) where we feature all of the hottest, most interesting and innovative new products of the moment! The current Hot Now is all focused on products from brands created by women, including amazing products from Bite Beauty, Caudalie, Drybar, Elizabeth & James, Stella McCartney, Kat Von D, Josie Maran, Laura Mercier and, the one we are here to talk about today, Hourglass. Yes, Hourglass is a brand that has really made a huge impact in the past few years, thanks in no small part to their amazing Ambient Lighting Powders! Their innovative line of Ambient Lighting Powders, a finishing powder designed to create different lighting effects on the face, have taken the world by storm. They also created a line of Ambient Lighting Blushes, which are blush shades infused with the Ambient Lighting Powders and, most recently, the Ambient Lighting Bronzer! I picked up one of the two Ambient Lighting Bronzers and, being that they are so new and such a hot commodity at the moment, I figured it would only make sense to do a review and let you guys know if they are worth the hype or not! Check it out below!

In case you couldn’t quite see the effect of the bronzer in the video, I also wanted to include a few of my recent “FOTDs” from Instagram wearing the product, as well!



…and wearing it on the eyes, as well, in this last one!


As I mentioned in the video, this is an absolutely beautiful product, although I can definitely see it not being entirely worth the high price for somebody who isn’t quite the bronzer addict that I am or can’t really stomach spending so much on a single bronzer! It is an absolutely stunning product, though, and one I do definitely recommend! It just gives such a natural sun-kissed look to the skin! Definitely check it out on your next Sephora visit! In the meantime, though, I wish you all a beautiful weekend ahead and a beautiful life!


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