Sephora Gratis Haul #3

In my last post, I stated that I would be posting twice last week… Whoopsie daisies! Things got busy there for a minute and I wasn’t able to get both things up last week… so here they are a week later! It’s time for another HUGE gratis haul from Sephora! Yes, my gratis managed to […]

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HUGE Sephora Haul!!!

So, tonight I’ve got something really exciting that I haven’t done in quite a while: a haul! Not just any haul, though… It’s kind of a massive one! Yes, I did go a little crazy shopping this past weekend but it’s not as bad as it looks, I promise! The reason for this is something […]

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My Evening Skin Care Routine!!!

Happy Halloween! Let’s celebrate what is usually my very favorite holiday this year by talking about something completely unrelated: Skin Care! In all seriousness, though, this month and this past week, in particular, has been kind of crazy, hectic and all over the place and left me with really no time to prepare anything all […]

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