Beautiful Nashville, TN

So, Summer is here. God knows that the onset of Summer means a lot of really fun things but it also happens to mean the end of the television season for the major networks. The month of May, in particular, is referred to as “Sweeps Month,” when all of the series on major networks start […]

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This Month In Music: May

It’s that time again, folks! Yes, time for This Month In Music! 2013 has been a pretty amazing year for new music so far and May saw the release of a lot of really interesting new stuff! I love that this year has been big for new artists, in a lot of ways, as well […]

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Ladies Who Advertise

One of the biggest, most expensive aspects of the fashion and beauty industries is definitely advertising.There are millions upon millions of dollars spent every year on advertising different fashion houses and beauty brands, so much so that the majority of pages in a magazine like Vogue, Elle, W, etc., are devoted to these ads. It […]

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Divas Are Forever

You all know how much I love my young, fresh, up-and-coming pop stars, (since I post about them so frequently here,) many of whom I believe are laying the groundwork for the musical landscape of the future and are just at the beginning of careers that could span a lifetime. There are just some women […]

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